All you need is LOVE ♥
Lindo é poder olhar todos os dias para o céu e descobrir que em meio a tantos problemas existe um Deus que nos permite sorrir.
Why nobody understand me? That’s terrible, I don’t know what to do anymore! Maybe because, they don’t live in my body, they don’t live in my situation. And I keep suffing day by day, sometimes thinking: Will nobody come saves me? Will I Suffer like that forever? I don’t know more what to do. God save me please, I think you are the one that understand me, that knows what I am feeling, because nobody knows what I am passing. It’s a pain very very intense banging my head. It’s hard love her, I don’t love her, and to me try to make it, it’s like pretend that tgis don’t exist, while this is banging me. Sorry for the wrong things I did during this dificulty that you saw me don’t do it. Help me to be better, it’s hard to be good when the events are hard with you, but I would like to be good yet. I need your help. I don’t stand anymore, you are my one exit. Be my salvation when I want to kill her, when her mestreat me, when she gets so blind about my side and my feelings, why you gave me a mother like that? How can I love somebody like her? She is blind and false to see her problems and get all of they to me, and nobody understands it, nobody see it. It’s very very hard to live in my situation, that the one thing I want to do it’s dream when will it gets end?
Quando a família me chama pra bater foto com eles durante as festas
Pra mim línguas são assim:



Hora = Huera

Televisão = Televizione

Telefone = Telefione

Coração = Coracione


Hora = Hoooorini

Borracha = Boooorrachini

Telefone = Teeelefoniti

Janela = Jaaaneliti


Hora = Horasky

Telefone = Telefonysky

Televisão = Televisyonisky

Janela = Janelionysky


Hora = Horê

Telefone = Têléfonê

Televisão = Têlevisionê



Só eu que ando nas pontas dos pés quando o chão ta molhado?


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”Eu já sou desastrada naturalmente, mas quando fico perto de algum menino bonito eu fico 10 vezes pior”